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Xiao Li spread out his hands. "How do I know?"? Maybe there are other important suspects that you haven't found. To do the identification of this scarf, we first went to each suspect to take samples, and then did the identification one by one overnight. After more than 30 hours, we were so tired that we felt dizzy. However, our work is like this. No result is also a result.. He shook his head and walked away. Li Kun and Niuniu are relatively worried. Li Kun said: "This murderer is too cunning. It must be a plot that has been planned for a long time. Originally, he wanted to arrange for her to be drunk and frozen to death in order to cover up the past. Unexpectedly, the police saw the suspicious point and did an autopsy. But the murderer was not afraid. He was well prepared in advance. The wild goose did not leave a mark. He was very determined.." Liu Liyuan said: "Also, it is said that on the night of the crime, the person who drove in Xie Rusi's car should have slipped out, but after watching the video data of the front and back doors of the community hundreds of times, no suspicious person or car was found to go out late at night.." Did the murderer know that there was a camera probe at the door and wait until dawn before walking in the crowd? But on such a cold day, where did this person, who was probably a woman, stay all night? I'm not afraid of freezing. Niuniu thought of Xie Yinghua and Yin Momo who had a fever the next day: "Yes, a fever is also a … …" What's suspicious about the suspect? Li Kun shrugged his shoulders: "So,custom cosmetic packaging, when we heard that the Dragon Team was conducting a surprise interrogation of Yin Mo Mo, we came back to have a look. It would be best if we could solve the case, so that the two of us would not have to suffer in the cold storage outside." Liu Liyuan said, "If it's really this little girl, I'm dying of curiosity. How did she do it?"? In such a short period of time,cosmetic tube, the little black dress of human essence was drunk, then got into the cold storage or cold storage room, and finally moved the body back to the victim's home.. P.S. Dividing line It has to be said that the papers handed in are all very good. Everyone's efforts have given Xiao 7 a lot of pressure and motivation. I will continue to work hard and painstakingly to make smoke drops. Happy reasoning weekend. Chapter 23 The Evil Monk Long Jie finished talking with Yin Mo Mo and sighed deeply. He called Niuniu in: "An Niuniu, take Yin Mo Mo out and ask Yin Changtai to come in." After filling out the form given to him by Wang Yansai, Yin Changtai kept clamoring to be with his daughter: "She is not nervous and doesn't know what she is talking about. Besides, the police can't make her too anxious." Wang Yan said, even the law was laid out for him, Yin Changtai could not hold back, anxiously pacing back and forth. When Niuniu came to look for him, he even rushed to Yin's interrogation room with an arrow: "Are you all right?" He saw his daughter's crying face and a pair of big eyes full of tears, and his heart tightened. At the end, polyfoil tube ,pump tube, he stood up and said, "Dad, I told the police that I'm sorry." She lowered her head and followed Niuniu out. Yin Changtai sat in front of Long Jie, sweat oozing from his forehead: "Captain Long, you know, the spirit of the end is not good, what she said may be just her hallucination.." Long Jie did not pay attention to him, he first made an internal call to Wang Yan, told him a number, an address: "You immediately go to check, give me a call back." He hung up the phone and looked at Yoon Chang-tae. "Yoon Chang-tae, you are an adult and highly educated. Do you know what the charges are for perjury and intent to shield?" Yin Changtai is still very calm: "Perjury?"? I don't know what you mean. "Xie Rusi before the crime, you and Yin Mo Mo came out of the cocktail party, Yin Mo Mo immediately separated from you?"? The first time you cooperated with the police investigation, you said with certainty that you went to the dessert shop and that you went to the amusement park. In fact, you were not with your daughter, were you? Yin Changtai: Is that what Mo Mo said? I said, at the end.. Long Jie interrupted her: "Is Yin Mo Mo telling the truth? We are now in the process of verification. You'd better not say that Yin Mo Mo has a nerve problem. If she has a nerve problem, maybe we will have doubts about whether to accept her testimony." Yin Changtai sat up straight: "Indeed, her testimony cannot be accepted..." Yin Changtai, you don't know what your daughter did that night, do you? You'd better hope that she's telling the truth, because if her story proves to be true, she'll be able to clear her name in this case. Yin Changtai was stunned and did not react for a long time. Long Jie said, "Once, when you came home, you saw a monk brought home by your daughter, who was doing evocation for her mother, right?"? You were so angry that you drove the monk out. For this reason, Yin lost his temper with you again and threatened to jump off the building. Yin Changtai nodded: "What does this have to do with Xie Rusi's case?" Long Jie: "Your daughter keeps in touch with that monk all the time. He claims to be a'master 'who calls back souls, curses and bewitches, takes revenge and complains. Yin Mo Mo is confused by him." Yoon Chang-tae's eyes widened. Long Jie sighed: "Yin Mo Mo was cheated out of a lot of money by him. She wanted to curse her enemy. She had been cursed by bad luck. But at the cocktail party, she saw Xie Rusi living a good life. There was no bad luck. She was greatly stimulated. That night, she went to find this'master '. The monk continued to fool her and made her believe that Xie Rusi was a fox spirit with profound achievements in her previous life." She had to use a more vicious trick to curse her to death. She took out all the money from her credit card and gave it to the monk. She asked him and several of his brothers to do a ritual together. The ritual lasted more than two hours,plastic packaging tube, plus the time she spent on the road, which was the three hours she disappeared that night. Yin Changtai was a little incredulous: "When she ran away, she kept saying that she was going to take revenge. So that's how she took revenge.." Long Jie: "How did you react when you heard she wanted revenge?" 。

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Bao's bag contains high-purity heroin worth tens of millions of US dollars, which must not be robbed. The attacker skidded to the east exit at high speed. Catching up with the big fellow are worthy of the good hand, although the mutation of sudden, see catch up, calm, hurriedly in the hands of the wireless telephone notice in the market outside the lookout of two cars. Screams were heard one after another, and the chase produced extreme panic in the crowd, which fled into the shops one after another, and the whole round corridor was in a mess. The figure of the attacker disappeared at the east exit. When the big men rushed to the exit, they breathed a sigh of relief and stopped. Their two cars were parked across the road at the exit. The lost briefcase was carried in the hands of another big man in their power. "Where is he?" Asked the big fellow. The big fellow carrying the briefcase said, "When he ran to the exit, we had just arrived. Ah Jun and I jumped down. He was so frightened that he threw down his briefcase and ran away in the crowd. Ah Jun ran after him.". It's so irritating. If it weren't for so many pedestrians, I'd shoot him. Another big fellow took the briefcase, looked at the lock, and said: "Be careful, or check it." Someone took out the key, opened the briefcase a crack,plastic laminated tube, turned to the stage, nodded and said: "No problem!" " Lock up, way: "Quick!"! It's time to make a deal. Fortunately, the prince's men have not yet arrived. The prince's complexion is as ugly as it can be. Bao Shi Bao opened on his office desk, and the hollowed "Vedas" were all opened, and the desk was filled with white powder sealed in plastic bags. A note on the table reads in Sanskrit: "Prince: Your time has come." The prince flew into a rage. He clapped his hands on the table and shouted, "They're all gits. One thousand dollars worth of calcium powder is not worth three yuan. It's a fool!" The cloud silk orchid walks to his back,cosmetic tube, massages the shoulder muscle for him comfortingly, the prince's tense facial expression only then relaxed a little. In front of him stood more than a dozen trembling men. One of them, Kogana, who was in charge of the drug business, said, "We've been trading like this for years. Who expected that Dade would suddenly play tricks?" "For money," said Wang Ziyin, "all these years, one day he doesn't want to replace me." Another subordinate Mi Rixing agreed: "a batch of arms seized by the police last week is said to have been ordered by Dade. We can see that he is deliberately planning to rebel." The prince looked at a thin man in his fifties, wearing wire-rimmed glasses, who looked a bit like a university professor. "What do you think?" He asked. Lun Bei is the prince's strategist and think tank, and has a great influence on him. Wen Yan calmly analyzed: "It is reasonable that although Dade's character is violent, pump tube ,polyfoil tube, he is a very smart and powerful person. If he wants to deal with us, he will certainly attack and weaken our strength with a thunderous momentum and a lightning speed, and the first target must be His Royal Highness." Everyone nodded in unison. "What about the calcium powder and the note?" The prince asked slowly. "This may be his internal problem, and his subordinates may betray him. In short, I think we must make things clear." Hei Hei with a smile, said: "Dade on our business has the ambition of a wolf, everyone can see, but this is not the right time to start." The prince pondered for a moment. At the head of the stage, his eyes returned to their usual calm. "What do you think we should do now?" He asked. "Let's call Dud and not say anything about drugs," said Lunbei. "Just say that the prince wants to meet with him. If he didn't do it, he must be completely defenseless. Then we can solve it with him face to face." "Good," said the prince! Let's do it! "Dial the phone for me," he said to Yunsilan behind him. The big iron gate shrinks to the left and right sides. Two American-made saloon cars full of big men drove out of the prince's mansion first. It was the prince's silver-white Rolls-Royce, with two other large saloon cars behind it, which was quite a bit of a tour. The motorcade turned into the right side of the street and drove in the direction of the presidential palace. Prince and Lunbei sat in the back seat of the Rolls-Royce, looking relaxed. Lunbei's estimation was not wrong. Dade's tone on the phone was as usual. He immediately agreed to wait for Wang Qian in the coffee room of the New Delhi Hotel. Every time I sit in the car. The prince felt comfortable and serene, not because of the magnificent equipment in the car, but because the car was a special security vehicle, which was built into the deck of a three-tier armored vehicle, which could withstand the attack of ordinary weapons, even grenades and small rocket cells. The motorcade came to a red light at an intersection and stopped. The prince thought, "All these traffic lights will have no effect on me when I drive out to rebuild my empire." Think of here, can not help but stuffy hum. At this moment, the whole body of Lunbei beside him shook and looked to the left. Wang Zishun's eyes naturally looked at his husband, and his face suddenly turned pale. It all came like a nightmare. A large truck cut across the road from the right line and rushed straight towards his Zhuo Yi at a high speed, the wheels and the road surface squeaking. The truck kept expanding in the prince's eyes, and his mind went blank. Prince's bodyguard, who was also the driver, was the fastest to react. Seeing that the situation was not right, he reflexively stepped on the accelerator and twisted the wheel to the left. The car bounced and shoveled up the pavement on the left. The van just hit the back of the car, sending the Prince's Rolls-Royce spinning out. It saved the prince's life. The truck exploded with a loud bang and burst into flames for a day. The truck could not stop rushing. It had lost its balance when it hit the rear of the Prince's car. At this time, it turned over and pressed on the roof of the big house following the Prince's car. Then there was a series of explosions, and the flames rushed for half a day. The RV and the van were burning together. Four doors pushed open, the big man in the car rolled out, two people on fire, rolling on the ground, hoping to extinguish the fire. People at the head and tail of the motorcade jumped out one after another, and some people picked up fire extinguishers and sprayed them with burning trucks and RVs. Boom! The truck exploded again, and the big fellow who put out the fire fell away under the fire debris,custom cosmetic packaging, and no one dared to approach the burning truck for a while. When the prince was dragged out of the Rolls-Royce by his men, there were two lines of blood on his face. Although he was slightly injured, his appearance was very ferocious and horrible.

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